from August 7th to August 12th, 2018

EXCA Cowboy Race


This new equestiran sport originally created in Texas by Craig Cameron consists of 13 obstacles.  A score is assigned to each obstacle on the course.  A score is also awarded forriding and overall speed.  Each barrier consists of 3 elements; the approach, the obstacle and the departure.  The obstacle must be safe for the rider and the horse.  

This equestrian discipline demonstrates a lot of trust between the cowboy and his horse.  It also represents very well the daily tasks performed by the cowboy and his horse on the ranch.


Thursday, August 10th at 13h00 ;

Calf skills

Friday, August 5th from 9:00 ;

Cowboy Race EXCA

Do not miss the final from  ******16:45 ****** You must have your tickets for the bulls to access the final .


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